71-B Burriss St, Thunder Bay, ON P7A 3E2
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Nail Salon in Thunder Bay

Professional Nail Salon and Waxing Services in Thunder Bay, Ontario at my home studio.

Salon Services in Thunder Bay

I try to create a warm and friendly atmosphere that will change your philosophy for salon services. To make you never return to regular crowded salons if you prefer true comfort and authentic personal service.

A manicure is a beauty treatment that involves the use of specialized tools, creams, waxes, and massage techniques to keep your nails and hands healthy and looking good.
Pedicure is a foot treatment that removes dead skin, softens hard skin, shapes, and treats toenails. It's a pleasant procedure and good for the health of your feet.
Waxing or Depilation is the process of removing hair from the root by applying a sticky substance, such as wax, to body hair and then removing it.
You are welcomed in my nail salon!

I try to create a warm and friendly atmosphere that will change your philosophy for salon services. To make you never return to regular crowded salons if you prefer true comfort and authentic personal service.

I came to Canada from Ukraine, where beauty salons are in almost every building. But it is still hard to find a beauty technician you want to stay with for years, whose work will satisfy you every visit.

I really hope you will find “your” Nail Technician because of mine exceptionally high standards for my works. Every manicure and pedicure have to be Instagram-worthy, or magazine-level.

After 12 years in the beauty industry and 8 years as a Nail Technician, I realized that the pleasure from the perfect manicure, pedicure or clean depilation is only half of the work. The other part is an atmosphere of relaxation, which is difficult to achieve in regular crowded salons. The time for beauty procedures should go fast, easy and unnoticed.

I invite you to experience my perfect Ukrainian-style manicure and pedicure. It is a separate space with a comfortable pedicure chair, delicious coffee and tea and homemade pastries. Clean workplace, sterile tools, modern performance techniques, quality materials, and designs for every taste. Once you try a hardware pedicure, you'll never want a file one again. I apply shellac to your nails, ensuring it is deep under the cuticle, for a long-lasting and fresh look. I invite you to book an appointment and experience it for yourself.

Olya Nail Artist Thunder Bay, ON
Exclusive salon service in Thunder Bay
1. Personalized Sets of Tools

I use disposable files and gloves for each client and an individual set of tools that is perfectly sharpened to cut accurately with no skin injuries.

2. Sterilization

All tools go through several stages of surgical-grade sterilization. I use the method of chemical sterilization to process the cutting tool. Correctly selected concentration and exposure guarantee safe procedures.

This approach guarantees absolute safety for your nails.

3. Clean environment

I use a dust collector during manicures and pedicures to ensure a clean environment for my clients. After each visit, I treat surfaces with antiseptics. Since I receive clients at home, the workplace is treated like any other corner of the house. Clean and safe.

4. Entertainment

How to spend time during the procedures in a relaxing environment? You can watch movies, listen to music or be online during sessions - WiFi is available.

5. Drinks and Sweets

Drinks and treats will help you spend your time sweeter in a comfortable chair, with no crowded salon madness around. A real individual service and truly your personal time. Try it and feel the difference!

My Works

Be sure, that the result will be excellent for any occasion. If you need a strict manicure on short nails or an elegant french manicure with a perfect highlight, or if you want to accentuate your romantic mood with a unique design on bright catchy long nails.

Manicure is a whole universe of self-expression and meanings that you can radiate and convey to others. This is a language that our subconsciousness understand with no words. A great manicure will help you feel more confident, complete your style and empower the aura you radiate.

Hot pink matte manicure on short nails
Pale pink nude French manicure on square nails
Hummingbird slider on flowers on square medium nails
Dark pedicure with a perfect crimson sheen
White extravagant pedicure
Two-tone abstract design on transparent nails
Deep swamp green matte nail color
White nails with colored crumbs
Bright light green manicure snakeskin
Matte manicure gel polish in pastel colors
Modern design on matte long nails
Floral design on ivory nails
Frequently Answered Questions

Where is Nail Salon located?

My Nail Studio is located at 71 Burriss Street. You can find me on the maps.

What is the mode of operation?

I work from Monday to Sunday from 10AM to 18PM. Accept only by appointment.

Do you accept appointments only?

I accept by appointment only. To come, you need to arrange by phone or email.

Is there an online booking?

Yes, you can book a convenient day online by sending me a message from the site. I will definitely confirm any booking by phone or online chat.

Since I work on my own, I can not answer a message or call back right away, because I may be busy working with another visitor. In any case, I confirm the entry no later than in the evening of the same day.

Do you have parking spaces?

Yes, you can come to me by car, I have a parking space for my visitors.

What payments do you accept?

You can pay for the services in cash or by bank transfer.

How to cancel or reschedule an appointment?

To cancel or reschedule an appointment please email me or call me one day in advance.

Do you accept group bookings?

Since I work on my own, I can only accept one visitor, so there are no group bookings yet.

Do you give any guarantees?

Usually, my manicures are worn for 3+ weeks. If the nail is chipped in the first days, I will offer you time to restore the beauty for free.

Why choose you over other Thunder Bay nail salons?

If you prefer comfort and good company, you know what the quality of a manicure technician from Ukraine is like, you are looking for a expirienced nail artist for yourself forever, whom you can trust, come and try. I will be glad to meet you!

What is your Cancelation Policy?

Please note that cancellations made less than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment or last-minute cancellations will incur a charge of 100% of the booked service. Failure to show up without any communication will result in being placed on our 'no-show' list. To rebook after a no-show or last-minute cancellation, full payment for the missed appointment must be made in advance. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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Olya is very talented! She is efficient and very detail oriented and makes sure that everything is perfect and you are happy with her work. She is also lovely to talk to, and I look forward to seeing her for appointments :)

Came from out of town for a pedi and it was wonderful. Olya is lovely and her experience shines through. I would recommend and may be have to come to town regularly to see her.

Olya’s manicure and pedicure skills are beyond comparison. Prior to Olya, local nail technicians had damaged my nails leaving me with ingrown nails on my hands and toes and constant hang nails on my hands each time I had a procedure. Thanks to Olya, I am free of both of these. My nails have never looked better! I highly recommend Olya. Her place is clean, she strives to ensure your comfort each time you visit, and she ensures that she addresses any concerns that you may have.

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