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Pedicure in Thunder Bay

Give yourself a relaxing pedicure and enjoy your healthy feet, beautiful toenails, smooth pink heels without corns and thickenings.

Pedicure Prices

OK pedicure complex
Complete pedicure package: machine pedicure, gel polish, scrub, and massage
120 minutes
Shellac french pedicure
Elegant and durable French pedicure with shellac
120 minutes
Shellac pedicure
Machine pedicure with long-lasting, chip-resistant gel polish
120 minutes
Hardware pedicure
Thorough cleaning and grooming of feet and toes for a fresh, well-maintained appearance
60 minutes
Exclusive salon service in Thunder Bay
1. Personalized Sets of Tools

I use disposable files and gloves for each client and an individual set of tools that is perfectly sharpened to cut accurately with no skin injuries.

2. Sterilization

All tools go through several stages of surgical-grade sterilization. I use the method of chemical sterilization to process the cutting tool. Correctly selected concentration and exposure guarantee safe procedures.

This approach guarantees absolute safety for your nails.

3. Clean environment

I use a dust collector during manicures and pedicures to ensure a clean environment for my clients. After each visit, I treat surfaces with antiseptics. Since I receive clients at home, the workplace is treated like any other corner of the house. Clean and safe.

4. Entertainment

How to spend time during the procedures in a relaxing environment? You can watch movies, listen to music or be online during sessions - WiFi is available.

5. Drinks and Sweets

Drinks and treats will help you spend your time sweeter in a comfortable chair, with no crowded salon madness around. A real individual service and truly your personal time. Try it and feel the difference!

Pedicure Ideas

Be sure, that the result will be excellent for any occasion. If you need a strict manicure on short nails or an elegant french manicure with a perfect highlight, or if you want to accentuate your romantic mood with a unique design on bright catchy long nails.

Manicure is a whole universe of self-expression and meanings that you can radiate and convey to others. This is a language that our subconsciousness understand with no words. A great manicure will help you feel more confident, complete your style and empower the aura you radiate.

White pedicure with color crumbs
pastel blue glossy pedicure
bright blue matte pedicure
White extravagant pedicure
Black glossy pedicure with a white cross
Nude glossy pedicure with a pearly sheen
Matte bright scarlet pedicure
Scarlet glossy pedicure
Solid light orange pedicure with highlights
Dark pedicure with a perfect crimson sheen
Shiny pedicure with azure shimmer - plants on the background
Dark cat eye pedicure with a green tint
Frequently Answered Questions

What is a pedicure?

Pedicure is a procedure for the care of the legs (in particular, the feet). Dead skin must be removed both on the fingers and on the feet. Cut and shaping nails is also mandatory. The main task of a pedicure is to make your feet and nails beautiful and healthy.

How much does a pedicure cost?

I offer pedicure services from 20 for Gel Polish Removal to 95 for full Pedicure Complex.

Please find the current prices above on this page.

How long does a pedicure take?

A pedicure typically takes from 20 minutes to 2 hours to complete, depending on the type and techniques used.

How often should you get a pedicure?

To keep your feet healthy, a professional pedicure should be done every 4-6 weeks. If you try to achieve significant improvements, we can find your perfect individual schedule.

How long does a pedicure last?

Most pedicures last 2-4 weeks. This duration may depend on the quality of pedicure, your lifestyle, the season of the year and on the individual features of your body.

What types of pedicures are exists?

Classic pedicure - feet are steamed in warm water and then used with cutting tools and disposable abrasives.

Combined pedicure - the same as the classic one, but with no abrasives and with a special instrument for a pedicure.

Hardware pedicure - all manipulations for processing the skin of the feet and nails are carried out with the help of a special device.

Acid pedicure - the feet are treated with products based on fruit acids.

What is a Ukrainian Pedicure?

Ukrainian Pedicure is a type of pedicure that originated in Ukraine and is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. It typically involves the use of hardware pedicure techniques to spotless and groom the feet and toes for a fresh and well-maintained appearance.

What should I wear for a pedicure appointment?

It's best to wear something comfortable and easy to move in, such as flip-flops or sandals, to make it easier to access your feet during the pedicure.

Can I bring my own nail polish for the pedicure?

I'm glad you're thinking ahead! You don't need to bring your own nail polish for the pedicure, as I prefer to work with my own materials. This way, I can ensure the quality of the products and the timing of the procedures. But don't worry, I have a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from to make your pedicure experience enjoyable and personalized.

How should I prepare for my pedicure appointment?

Before your pedicure appointment, it's recommended that you come in with clean feet and nails, without any nail polish or other coatings. It's also helpful to bring a pair of open-toed shoes to wear after your pedicure.

Is it safe to get a pedicure if I have a foot infection?

It is recommended to consult a medical professional if you have a foot infection before getting a pedicure to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

Can I get a pedicure while pregnant?

Yes, you can get a pedicure while pregnant. However, it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor before getting any beauty treatment during pregnancy. At my salon, I take extra care to ensure the safety and comfort of pregnant clients during pedicure appointments.

What is included in a full pedicure complex?

A full pedicure complex typically includes a warm foot soak, nail trimming and shaping, cuticle care, callus removal, exfoliation, foot and leg massage, moisturizing treatment, and polish application. The specific techniques and products used may vary depending on the individual's needs and preferences

How often should I replace my pedicure tools?

It is important to replace pedicure tools after every use or to use disposable tools for each client to maintain hygiene and prevent the spread of infections. As a professional nail technician, I ensure that all tools are sterilized and disposable tools are used to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and safety for my clients.

Can I book a pedicure appointment for a group or party?

To provide the best quality and personalized service, I work alone and am unable to accommodate groups or parties. However, I am happy to book individual appointments for each member of your group.

What is the difference between a classic pedicure and a combined pedicure?

A classic pedicure typically involves soaking the feet in warm water and then using cutting tools and disposable abrasives to remove dead skin and shape nails. On the other hand, a combined pedicure includes the same steps as a classic pedicure but without the use of abrasives and with a special instrument for pedicure.

What is a paraffin treatment for feet?

A paraffin treatment for feet is a relaxing and therapeutic spa treatment that involves dipping your feet into warm melted paraffin wax. The heat from the wax helps to open up the pores in your skin and improve blood circulation, while the wax itself softens and moisturizes your skin. It's a great way to rejuvenate your feet and leave them feeling soft and smooth.

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The best manicure and pedicure I've ever had! Olya is a great master who always listens what I want and make it even better. The accuracy is just exceptional, I haven't found anything similar in Thunder Bay. Manicure holds for three weeks easily and I am redoing it just because my nails are growing like crazy. I've done pedicure only once a month ago and it's still in a perfect shape! Of course all instruments are sterilized:) I highly recommend to try this place. You will be pleasantly surprised.

I love the service and the quality of manicure and pedicure! ❤️

Olya is very talented! She is efficient and very detail oriented and makes sure that everything is perfect and you are happy with her work. She is also lovely to talk to, and I look forward to seeing her for appointments :)